The Hidden Mind. A term invented by Joe Keeton, Past Life Hypnotherapist many years ago.

Photo-sonic  Therapy

Light - sound therapy

Discover your hidden characters, talk to them and get well.

Yes there's more than just one.

get   rid   of   Phobias

panic   attacks

Post   natal   Depression  Etc.  Etc.

Be   relaxed   and   sleep   better   NOW

Leave   work   and   family   stress   behind

5  yrs  of  age   to  82  yrs  of  age  successfully  treated

All the above dealt with successfully for over 50 years

26 years with the same methods and devices.

Please don't waste your life suffering, there really is no need

Don't believe therapy is all guesswork, it isn't.

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Based in the UK but practiced USA Canada Europe Middle East


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