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 Firstly you will hear and see an unbelievable amount of rubbish talked about and shown on the Internet and published in newspapers about Exorcism.

If you are troubled by unaccountable sightings in the corner of your eye, or a feeling or presence of someone there in your home or workplace, then an Exorcism is called for.

Often where an entity is present, jobs do not get done. That room is always untidy or used as a junk room. The family pet does not go in there. No one gets a good nights sleep in that room or in the house.

There may be a cold feeling when you are in that room, or your hair may stand on end and you get goose pimples on your skin.

Sometimes things disappear and turn up somewhere else a few weeks later.

Exorcism is a straight forward procedure to release an earth bound spirit or entity from your home or workplace.

Old and ancient buildings are prime places of needing Exorcism

It does not need a priest, father, chaplin, vicar or government official or any other name for a representative of some religious order to clear your home or workplace.

You do not need religious services or practices to clear unwanted guests from your property.

Immediate attention given and distance no object.

Confidentiality assured. Expenses are required.

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In my experience the entity is still here because it has in it's own thinking a reason to be there. It can be a family member who thinks you still need their protection. It can be someone who thinks you cannot do the job in the workplace that can do it as well as they could. The once human with a body thinks it needs to stay.

I call them, Those who are unseen.

I have many years of experience with Dowsing and have come across too many reasons for a spirit to stay where it is, to discuss or relay here.

References can be supplied on request.


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