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David Bentley

Sound Therapy

Living an action packed life for the past forty years gives me a bit of a story to tell.

I discovered altered states of consciousness about 56 years ago.

I have practiced with, taught and used light and sound for Brainwave Entrainment Therapy for 35 years.

Treatment for mental health problems / physical symptoms. Therapy for fears, phobias, stage fright, public speaking Etc. Etc.

Probably the first person in the UK to give adult education classes for a County Education Authority in the use of Hypnotism. 1984.

The future is fantastic for mental health cures with technology so far advanced now.

Nobody but nobody should be having Panic Attacks, Weight problems, Smoking, Alcohol or Drug addiction.


You Tube is packed with very good self help programmes.   Contact me any time for further help.

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