Be free of bad  health. Be the better person in Business.

The Games and Sports you play and above all, a Winner in life.

For Behavioural Change our Soundtracks and Videos.

EEG & Bio Feedback Measurement since 1979

Learn how to use the Hypnotic State correctly

and use a Mirror to help achieve your purpose. 

The window to the soul is through the eye. 

Get the blocks removed, results you want in minutes,

not months or years.

Fifty years helping people and for over twenty years

I have taught written and practiced this technique

I found out almost by accident.

Putting religious writings, psychological theories and science,

occult writings, secret society rituals and my own life events

 together gave me the hidden methods to the secret

 of attracting the best possible life for you and making it happen.

 IT DOES NOT TAKE MONTHS and YEARS.It takes a session.

If I needed to see you three times I would have failed. I DO NOT FAIL.

I have very little time now for 1 on 1 appointments so now I have to

 show you how in web broadcasts.     

Therapist or client. Contact me.

Learn how to talk to your hidden mind and get all the parts

 of you working to be in the right place at the right time

with your mind and your eyes wide open.

There is no ten minute video making promises trying to fool you.

A big car and big house is not always the answer.

In fact, what I have to offer is, 

A peaceful and fruitful life. Do as I do, have done, and will continue to do.

I want you to achieve a better life. 


Our body has it's own memory. Close your eyes.

Have someone stick a needle in your back.

I think you will know what it is without seeing it.

You are a Waking you with vision and a Sleeping you with vision.

Learn in minutes how to use them both.

If your problems were SUB conscious, how come you are suffering 24/7

If it's subconscious, how come you do what it says not what you say.

Contact Me.

These are a sample of my mothers  indoctrinations I suffered.

You won't win, You will have nothing,

No you cannot have what you want.

You're useless.  Little boys will be seen and not heard.

He that expecteth nothing shall not be disappointed

NO you cannot have any money.

What do you want that for. Etc. Etc.

Were your memory banks stuffed with similar garbage?

Your senses and your brain are the gateway to your mind.

Don't be confused by all the drivel from the mental health professionals.

Drugs only jam up your ability to have normal thought.

Psychiatry never cured anybody of anything, ever.

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You can reach and work with your sub conscious mind when you know the method and the passwords and frequencies. The great writers knew it and tried to tell the world in their stories. The Arabian Nights, Magic Carpet, Aladdin's Cave, The Genie In The Lamp. Mirror mirror on the wall who is the cleverest of them all Etc Etc.

      The Sub Conscious you, IT  IS  NOT  UNDER  THE  SURFACE. Not SUB anything.   

    It works and you do as it tells you :- 24/7   

So lets work together so your positive future

has nothing to do with your negative past.

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The real decision making you is faster than your conscious you.

It works out instantly how to get you to do what it thinks is right for you

even though it's laws and ideas are sometimes based on bad ideas, Paradigms.

You can contact your decision maker. Your Hidden Mind. It has a name.

You can speak with it and call it by name.

Take time to get to know how it works and deal with it, when you know how.

No need for Hypnotism or Brainwave entrainment but be sure,

they both work and they are an answer if you use them, correctly.

You do not need to leave your waking state to change your paradigms.

You do not need six months counselling to learn to love yourself.

Don't think this so called ( Sub Conscious Mind ) is just an empty

 bucket to throw ideas in to saying now you are totally relaxed Etc Etc.

That doesn't work.

"Now let this relaxation go all the way down to your toes."

Rubbish, and you hear this type of script all the time in self help recordings.

The TOTAL consciousness, if you will, is a thinking person, and you

need to convince the other you that your way, not it's way, is right.

It is not a 16th century Italian artists impression of a lady

with feathered wings or someone like a overweight child

with their hands together looking at the sky.

If the other you does not like your ideas based on it's beliefs

from the past. IT WILL,  AND IT DOES,  reject the  ' I WILL, I CAN BE OK NOW '

ideas if you do not approach this whole concept correctly .

The harmful beliefs you are suffering are based on your childhood training.

Even more bizarre to some, it may come from your ancestors.

Every day your parents guardians and people of authority in your

young life made statements you took on board as rules of life.

Now is the time to undo all the garbage and rubbish you

were indoctrinated with in your forming years.

There is very little more to it than this simple explanation,

when explained, you will be amazed how fast you can

change your outlook and behaviour.

I say this to you. I have done this for myself.

I write with a lifetimes experience of helping others

to help themselves successfully.

At 78 years of age I know the story.

I taught my self help methods in County Authority Educations Classes

starting in 1984 and I have never stopped learning

and searching for better, faster more profound ways

 of achieving a better life for those who came to me.


The Controlling Mind in you never sleeps.


The temple of the living force is you.

You have contact with the controller of it 24/7.

It is not outside you or in anybody or anything else.

You have no need to go looking for it.

Use the right knowledge and it is there waiting for you to find it,

use it and succeed.

Seek and ye shall find, but don't sit or look round waiting

for long haired beings with feathery wings. There aren't any.

Be your own guide.


There are healthy places to live and unhealthy places to live.

Learn how to find the right places for you.

Learn Dowsing that works.


Brain Waves. EEG.

Maxwell  Cade.

      The man behind EEG.

The real man behind the research of Brainwave Entrainment.

Check him out when you start using brain entrainment.


Charles Tebbetts.

Called the method:- Parts Therapy. He knew there was more than

one of you and developed a way to speak to the fragmented

parts of your personality and make them work together as one.

 I gave classes for Charles in Seattle in the 1980's.

 For My Training Seminars. Contact Me


Carrying On Charles Work

Roy Hunter

In USA   WA 98354 * 253-927-8888


Once you can use this, you are home and dry.


Sri - Yantra

The Inner Guard.

Stops you knowing what you need to know



Full song > Buy Now  $0.99 


Time is Life.

Don't waste time / life chasing money and goals.

Just find a purpose and go for it.

The money will come in through the back door.

I state there is the easiest safest way to reach your

other you without trance states and without trauma

to be able to do anything you want to do that you are capable of.

You can change the negative ideas you have imprinted in you by

figures of authority in your childhood in minutes when you know how.

The ideas that make you say the wrong things about yourself to yourself

You need to change them.

   I will show you thinking methods of change that work.

This is the Real Healer. He doesn't ride a horse or carry a lance.

He carries an idea. A thought. Far more dangerous than a spear.

George kills the Alien that resides in the hidden mind. The Cancer Bearer.


So much fiction has been made of fact that now truth has become lies and lies have become truth.


There are no such things as Angels with wings that come down from heaven.

Only good ideas and bad ideas that come from the

The Hidden Mind that lives in the Universal Reality.


A 16th Century type Italian artists impression of an invisible

 friend who is there to help.. Depending how you interpret it.

Palm 1

Blessed is the man that walks not in the counsel of the ungodly,

nor stand with sinners nor sit in the seat of the scornful.

But his delight is in the law of the Lord;

and his law doth he meditate day and night.

And he will be as a tree standing by the rivers

of running water and he shall bear fruit

in his season and his leaf will not whither

and what so ever he doeth shall prosper.


For over 50 years experience in the self improvement world.

You cannot enjoy today if you are worrying about yesterday.

You may now find persons on the internet who have

read my writings claiming they discovered  this method and

trying to sell


 and charging a small fortune for it.

Save your money and get my MP3's subliminal videos and support.

  Interview 8th May 2013 Healthy Wealthy Evolution MP3. 

1 hour 20 minutes.

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