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About Me and The Method

I first persuaded another person to change their being I suppose when I stopped him feeling sick in Brussels at the world fair in 1958. Someone I was travelling with was really getting upset about being away from home and had been very ill on the ferry. I had by then become well read on the uses of Hypnotism. I had borrowed whatever available books there were from the library. It was my first real attempt at achieving a physical change in someone using pure suggestion.

25 years later I was giving classes for Derbyshire Adult Education and from time to time at the Hypnotism Training Institute for Charles & Joyce Tebbetts. The early Eighties until around 1985.

Classes were held at their office in Edmonds Seattle on Route 99. Trainees came from all over the USA to the weekend courses.

I believe I am one of the first people to ever in the UK give adult education classes for a County Council actually using the term Hypnosis.

I also believe I was the first person in the UK to ever present a six week lesson plan to an Education Authority to give Meditation / Hypnotism training classes and actually do it ( with success ) for health professionals.

If anyone owns the rights to Charles work now I hope they don't mind me remembering him in this way by showing his book.

See :- - fair use notice.

  Charles was a pioneer of Parts Therapy and it's the basis of the method I use today. Though with science moving on and knowing what frequencies to use to reach these different parts has come about by practice and the passing of time. I would not call it Parts Therapy today as the years have given me a greater understanding of what is actually going on in the human Psyche.

   I have developed and use my own methods now. I have helped all types of folks deal with everything from fear of birds to heart transplants and fear of success or failure to passing their driving test.

Webinars and Seminars, Web Radio, Steaming, Skype ( mrbrainwork)

thehiddenmind @ yahoo. com

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In my personal life my upbringing was about as disgusting as it can get and still be here to tell the story. Not that there are not many who have had worse. I was never in a war zone as a child except that created by my parents. There are those even today living through horrors I have never faced. What I had was bad enough for me. My mothers best for me was locking me in a pitch black coal cellar for saying that I wanted something, a lollypop. I wanted something, so, locked in a cellar and screaming and crying to get out.

I was raised by poverty stricken parents who put the public house, cigarettes and the book maker before their children. I have the dubious pleasure of being told many many times from as young as seven or eight that I was not and never wanted. So it became obvious as the years went by what had happened.

So I finished school a few days before my fifteenth birthday with no qualifications at all. Fortunately we had at that time a fantastic council run school system that gave even kids like me the ability to read write add up and have great practical skills. I left home at sixteen and set about getting the best life could offer to a scruffy un kept five feet four inch boy with my very limited good bits showing, with no prospects but looking for and knowing there was a better way. One saving factor was I had somehow managed to acquire and learn to play a very badly built guitar

My father had obtained and held a secure job with a nice house from 1957 until his death in 1967 and we lived in a good neighbourhood. That got me friends from good upbringings and always wondered why they had Sunday best clothes and holidays. Holidays are still difficult for me even now. Not because I cannot afford one, but that I have to keep an eye on a genius daughter. LOL.

Yes I am now seventy one years old with a nineteen year old genius daughter. Believe me there was no luck in her achievement in being a genius. The facts I have now at my disposal did not come easy. I have spent my lifetime constantly seeking the truth.

In this website I do my best to explain the workings of our human mind as we understand the term, mind.

If it were not for the knowledge I have gathered and employed I would not be here today.

So that's what I offer to the reader and the world.

For the facts of how to get belief in your self to succeed when you are from a background of being told you are not wanted, not good enough, never be any good Etc Etc.

Read my book The Pursuit Of Advantage or just contact me:-   david @