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To get the full effect of the MP3's from The Hidden Mind,

quality head phones must be used.

This MP3 "Release The Past" is a slow moving orchestral piece along with a carrier wave of Bi Naural beats and sound waves that will help the user achieve an altered state of awareness whilst listening to the ideas and suggestions that can be achieved by the so called sub conscious person. The maker of this recording does not follow the theory that ( the so called Sub Conscious mind ) is an unknown quantity that you can throw orders at and it will do your bidding. The other you ( a person, sub conscious mind ) is anything but an order taker. The writer asks you to find the other person and find new methods and ways of dealing with the situations you meet in your everyday experiences that can and have caused your life to not work always as you want it to. Then, after contact, come to an agreement with the other you to change the way you both deal with matters arising and find a better way and a better life.

Before using this MP3 consider:-

What are you doing that you do not want to do?

What is it that you cannot do, that you want to do?


This  Audio Entrainment  product is offered for use at your own discretion. The book just needs to be read and put into practice.

The producer has used  this method of self help for over 30 Years.

Laws state in several countries that this product can only be offered for entertainment purposes, but the producer has used this and similar products and devices to enhance his own life and that of many others with great success for continuing good health and well being for many years.

No guarantee's of the effect on the users health and wellbeing can be implied or given.

For help and advice on Brainwave Entrainment,  go to any of the internet sites offering Audio Visual Stimulation equipment where books and forums are available.

I use the products that have given faultless everyday service for nearly twenty years.

I will offer advice on these products by email at the contact point below.

D. Bentley.

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