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David Bentley

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     Use Your Hidden Mind and Grow Rich    

Be the better person in Business, the Games and Sports you play and above all, a Winner in life.

Behavioural Change Soundtracks and Videos. EEG & Bio Feedback Measurement since 1979

Learn how to use the Hypnotic State correctly and use a Mirror to help achieve your purpose. 

Easy beyond belief for some, when you use the Light and Sound device. Audio - Visual Stimulation. AVS.

The window to the soul is through the eye. Get the blocks removed and results you want in minutes, not months or years.



If ever you want to hear rubbish being spoken,

listen to the uneducated about the subject of The Hypnotic State.


The human being can and does enter an altered state of awareness continually.

The Hypnotic State has been practised and documented since time began.

The methods to enter The Hypnotic State of mind condition have now in 2014 become simplicity itself.

Read ----About The Hidden Mind at the top of the page.

Electronic Photo Sonic methods now guarantee the changes you want and need.

No Swinging Watches, no Relaxation, just straight forward behavioural change because the other person you are, ( yes we all are two people) accepts new ideas when asked to, in a correct method and manner.

The finest intellects on the planet have worked on this subject and now the results of that research are available to everybody.

SELF Improvement works best in the Hypnotic or in an Altered State Of Awareness.

You can purchase electronic equipment today that does it all for you.

Contact me, join the other winners, and I will see you on the inside.

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