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David Bentley

     Use Your Hidden Mind and Grow Rich    

 Behavioural Change Soundtracks and Videos. EEG & Bio Feedback Measurement since 1979

Learn how to use a Mirror correctly to help achieve your purpose. 

The eyes are the  window to the soul.           Get the blocks removed and results you want in minutes, not months or years.


     Use Your Hidden Mind and Grow Rich     


The Pursuit Of Advantage.

The Bible of The Book Of Secrets

Table Of Contents.


Chapter One.

 The Theory

Chapter Two.

 In Practice

Chapter Three.

 The Right Eye

Chapter Four.

 The Treatment Of Children

Chapter Five.

 Parts Therapy

Chapter Six.

 Dowsing. Water Divining.
   Divination. Asking the future

Chapter Seven

 EEG and Brainwaves

Do you want to be as you want to be or have someone else telling you what you should be?

Do you want to do what you want to do everyday or do you want to do as you are told?

Sometimes by people you do not like and do not respect.

Do you want the advantage in business, work, relationships and the games and sports you play?

Read on and discover what to do and how to do it to get on the yellow brick road to:-

The Pursuit Of Advantage. Foreword HERE

Foreword  HERE to Charles Tebbetts book. Self Hypnosis

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