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Hidden Mind. A term invented by Joe Keeton the greatest Past Life Hypnotherapist ever, over fifty years ago.

Find and speak to your hidden mind the easy way. Change your thinking and attract that which is best for you.

I will teach you the methods frequencies and facts that get you the life style you really really desire. I did.


Ref. 5 year old.


We have had problems with our daughters anxiety for a few years now , sometimes it felt like there was 2 sides to her . The loving caring side and the other side which was horrible ( strong words but true ) .One of our main problems was when it was time for people to leave her at home or at school it was upsetting for everyone and was sometimes violent .

We have tried different ways of sorting this, but none of them were successful.

David came to our house and did what he does , the next day !!,  we have the loving  caring daughter we rarely saw and goes to school like a happy girl should .

 Truly unbelievable !!

 David is the most genuine person you could ever meet .

 We will never be able to thank him enough for what he has done .

KW    Sheffield.


Ref. 16 year old.

Where do I start. The NHS had no answer to De Realisation, except pills.

They didn't work. Our lives were terrible.

I was at my wits end and then we were told about David.

The improvement was instant. Total peace of mind came a few months later when I stopped worrying completely about it coming back. It never has.

I still don't know and daren't think where our life would be now without his therapy for my daughter.

AG   Manchester.


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